Privacy FAQ

This FAQ provides information on privacy or confidentiality issues related to the website.

Does the public or other '85 Classmates have access to my e-mail address?

  • No. To protect your privacy, your e-mail address is stored only within the website, so Classmates can send you a Message. You chose with whom you want to share your own e-mail address. To check if you've received any new messages, click on the "Message Area" under the Member Functions menu in the side column.
  • Please add our email address to your address book and adjust your spam settings so that you can receive emails keeping you up to date with the website and upcoming reunion.
How will I receive e-mails from the website?
  • E-mails to the entire class will be sent to you from:, so please add this e-mail address to your Address Book or your spam filter's Approved List. You can contact our website administrators, " tab at the top of the page. We will reply as soon as possible.
What are examples of the e-mails that I may be sent?
  • You will be e-mailed details about the upcoming class reunion, fundraisers, or related ECHS events.
Can I post my own photos or videos on the website?
  • Yes! You can upload a current photo of yourself, your family, pets, vacations, old photos you've scanned to embarass your fellow Gauchos--we've seen them on Facebook!-- by clicking on "Edit/Upload Photos" under the Member Functions menu on the left.
  • There is no limit on the number of digital photos that you can store on your "Classmate Profile" page. 
  • Each photo is automatically resized to fit on your Profile page.
  • You can also upload your own videos that you've posted to by clicking on the "Classmate Profiles" link, then following the instructions.
  • And yes, you can add, delete, or replace your own photos or videos at any time.
Who designs and maintains this website?
  • This website was designed by the Reunion Committee using a web-based application called Contact Andrea, the website administrator, with questions, suggestions, or general comments
Does Class Creator rent, sell, or in any way profit from having our Classmates' names, addresses, and personal information? How does it make its money?
  • No. Class Creator does not rent or sell any Classmate information or engage in any marketing or solicitation to Classmates.
  • All personal contact information is held strictly confidential.
  • Class Creator does not sell advertising on the website or display banner ads or pop-up windows.

  • Class Creator sells domain name registrations (such as to Classes through its subsidiary.